Website Clicks Ads

Website clicks or conversions campaigns are optimized to drive traffic and generate conversions on your website from Tweets targeted to specific audiences.

Website Clicks Campaign

A website clicks or conversions campaign allows you to use a website card or an app card with your promoted tweets.

Similar to website cards, image app cards offer a choice of call-to-action (CTA) buttons, an image and a headline to let you drive traffic to your site directly from a tweet. Promoted tweets with image app cards drive 43% more engagement than just tweeting out a link.

App Card

With both options, you’ll only pay for clicks to your website, and you can set up online conversion tracking to see every dollar spent. You can also set up remarketing based on people who have already visited your site.

What a Website Clicks Campaign Looks Like

Check out how RockTape, an athletic tape and equipment retailer, used their promoted tweet to generate clicks and conversions.

First, they used a compelling image that speaks to their brand and gives context to the viewer. For this tweet, RockTape chose to advertise their overall mission statement and product strategy as opposed to a specific product.

The company brands itself as one which inspires and challenges others to be active. And, through the “Shop now” CTA, RockTape drives traffic back to their online store.

Unleash the power of Twitter Ads. Launch something new, connect with what’s happening, and reach your most valuable audience when it matters most.

Twitter Advertising Options

Twitter offers objective-based campaigns, in which brands only pay for the actions that align with their goals and expand their reach.

Why You Should Consider Advertising on Twitter

Are you using Twitter Ads to grow awareness and demand for your brand? You should be.

On average, Twitter users shop online 6.9x a month, while non-users shop online just 4.3x a month. And there’s particularly good news for smaller businesses: Twitter reports that 60% of users purchase from an SMB.

Beyond direct conversion, Twitter is a popular resource for customers along the purchasing funnel. Nearly half (49%) of female Twitter users say Twitter content has influenced their purchase decisions –– while only 7% have made a purchase through Twitter. On the other hand, 17% of men reported in a BigCommerce survey that they’d purchased something directly from a Tweet in their timeline.

The data speaks for itself: Twitter is prime real estate for brands wanting to increase conversion, revenue and social proof (e.g., customer reviews via social media). The advertising platform represents a wide variety of interests and demographics, and is particularly relevant for college-educated audiences under 50. Some 36% of Twitter users visit the site daily, with 22% saying they go on Twitter several times a day.

Nova Digital 360° have broken down exactly what you need to know to start advertising on Twitter and generating brand awareness, new customers and ROI for your brand.

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