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While most brands understand the steps necessary for executing a social strategy — monitoring who’s talking about you, publishing content that resonates with your audience and reporting on your results — a successful social advertising program is much more complex than setting up an ad and letting it be.

Because Twitter is a great platform to connect immediately and personally with your customers, you can build personal relationships with people who are interested in your brand and your story.

In fact, people who follow brands on Twitter generally really like those brands, and are more inclined not only to purchase from them, but to communicate with them on a 1:1 basis as well.

Here are a few insights from the #TweetSmarter team at Twitter:

  • 57% of Twitter users discovered an SMB on Twitter
  • 73% of people feel better about an SMB after following them on Twitter
  • 60% of people have purchased something from an SMB because of Twitter
  • 9 out of 10 Twitter users have actively engaged in a conversation with SMBs

How One Retailer Optimized for Twitter Ad ROI

Pact Coffee, a new coffee retailer based in the U.K., looked to Twitter to increase brand awareness. To reach people likely to be interested in their content –– food and coffee lovers –– the company identified influential accounts in those areas like Ocado (an online supermarket) and the Word of Mouth food feed (an account for food lovers).

They then used username targeting to promote their tweets to people similar to the followers of those accounts.

As a result of their efforts, Pact Coffee gained 5 million impressions and saw a 13x increase in their number of retweets. Here were their keys to success:

  • Create multiple campaigns: Pact Coffee segmented their campaigns, each targeting a unique group of usernames. This allowed them to create customized content and more easily track which audiences were responding to their offers.
  • Monitor and adapt your campaign: They monitored their campaigns throughout the day, allowing them to quickly identify which types of targeting worked best so they could optimize their campaigns more effectively.
  • Be involved in the community: Paying attention to relevant Twitter conversations enabled Pact Coffee to keep their content fresh and timely. This helped them create tweets that resonated with their customers.

Unleash the power of Twitter Ads. Launch something new, connect with what’s happening, and reach your most valuable audience when it matters most.

Twitter Advertising Options

Twitter offers objective-based campaigns, in which brands only pay for the actions that align with their goals and expand their reach.

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