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TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.

About TikTok

TikTok is the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos, available for iOS and Android. Our mission is to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge and moments that matter in everyday life. TikTok empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones, and is committed to building a community by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos.

Grow your business with diverse brand solutions on TikTok


A video first format that presents your brand on the best and unmissable placement of TikTok, capturing full user attention with sight, sound and narrative.

  • Leading access to user attention – showcase your brand on TikTok’s most premium real estate.
  • Up to 60 seconds of full-screen and long-form video, with auto-play and sound.
  • Distraction-free viewing grabbing 100% user attention.

Brand Takeover

Immediately hook user attention with full-screen static or dynamic display, delivering strong visual impact for your brand.

  • Capture user attention through a full-screen visual experience.
  • Multiple creative format options with static or dynamic display.
  • Both 3 second JPG and 3-5 second video supported.

In-Feed Ads

Tell your brand story like a TikTok creator by integrating video content into users’ “For You” feed.

  • Appear in “For You” feed with up to 60-second of auto-play video with sound.
  • Users can ‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’, ‘follow’, ‘shoot videos with the same music’ etc.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

A one-of-a-kind engagement format that taps into user passion for creation and expression. Delivering strong brand awareness with a level of engagement that goes far beyond a simple click.

  • Invite all users to participate and create content around your campaign theme, with all UGC aggregating in the hashtag challenge page.
  • 3 to 6 day package options with supporting media placements, creative guidance and seamless setup.
  • Average engagement rate of 8.5% through likes, comments and shares.

Branded Effects

Dial up the fun with tailor-made sharable stickers, filters, and special effects. Unleash the potential of your creativity and watch its popularity grow.

  • A creative and fun visual experience that engages with the camera-first generation.
  • Uniting users around the world with visual languages that can span time, place and culture.

Tell your brand story in a uniquely TikTok way

Meet the next generation

With the majority of TikTok’s users being highly-engaged Generation Z and Millennials based in major cities around the world, brands can instantly connect with the next generation of consumers.

Get unique engagement

Whether it’s through an idea, tool or the hashtag challenge, brands can convert users into ambassadors through the power of shared experience on our platform.

Drive exponential growth

TikTok’s intelligent content discovery process allows users to discover fresh content based on their viewing preferences and habits, helping brands achieve fast growth and maximum visibility.

What Our Clients Say

Interacting with a popular topic to engage with American users and promote their upcoming movie.

Likes on Influencer Videos
User-generated Videos
Followers Gained in 6 Days

The Objective

With the new fantasy comedy film, “The House with a Clock in its Walls,” hitting theaters in September 2018, Universal Pictures wanted to increase the movie’s awareness and celebrate with “magic” by engaging users with the theme and ultimately stimulating interest to get fans to go and watch the film.

The Solution

With magic tricks, pranks, and illusions as popular content on TikTok at the time, Universal Pictures launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge themed #FindYourMagic, allowing users to interpret the theme in their own way and show their own magic, such as by pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

To encourage more fans to join, Universal Pictures invited 10 popular Creators to release “magical’ stories;” some posted videos of themselves doing magic tricks while others employed filming techniques to create illusions. Branded Music of clock ringing in the background also helped build awareness for the film.

The Results

The magic worked. The challenge attracted more than 1.3 million likes on Creator videos and more than 19,000 pieces of user-generated content. The campaign also led to an 11,000 increase in official account followers.

Universal Pictures

Lifting brand engagement and brand affinity among the young generation in the U.S.

Total Engagement Rate
Increase in Business Account Followers
CTR of Brand Takeover

The Objective

Guess, known worldwide for its innovative clothing and iconic logo pieces, wanted to promote their Fall’18 Denim Fit Collection. It aimed to present a confident, sexy and adventurous brand image and drive awareness during the back-to-school shopping season for millennials and Gen Z consumers.

The Solution

Guess launched the #InMyDenim Hashtag Challenge on TikTok and called for consumers to show their fashion style in denim. To make it fun and memorable, Guess leveraged the idea of “transforming your looks” with the slogan “Transform your outfit from a mess to best-dressed! All you need is denim!”

Guess posted several official videos accompanied by Bebe Rexh’s “I’m a Mess,” an appropriate song that not only befitted the Hashtag Challenge theme perfectly but also catered to the TikTok style.

On the first day, Guess launched a Brand Takeover on the splash screen to increase awareness of the challenge campaign. Concurrently, Guess released 4 influencer-performed videos to demo the idea. Letting content creators do their work, the dramatic yet easy-to-imitate video stories instantly garnered enormous attention and inspired 1,629 user-generated videos.

The campaign went viral, gaining millions of video views, positive comments, and user videos showcasing their best look in denim.

The Results

During the 6-day campaign period, #InMyDenim realized over 5,550 user-generated videos, 10.5 million video views, 14.3% engagement rate and over 12,000 additional followers for Guess’s Business Account on TikTok. The promotion resonated with consumers and considerably boosted brand affinity.

“These digital natives’ tastes govern the future of social media and culture,” said Edward Park, SVP of Retail and Digital at Guess. “A cluttered brand space demands unique, engaging content and integrated participation. Our partnership with TikTok is an exciting evolution within our digital marketing strategy.”


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