Programmatic Native Advertising

It’s one thing to serve native ads to your audience. It’s quite another to serve targeted native ads to specific consumers in real time and at scale. This is what programmatic native advertising is all about, and it’s taking native advertising into completely new territory. Programmatic native advertising enables brands and businesses to optimize their native advertising ROI by using programmatic auction of native ads via RTB (Real Time Bidding).

A programmatic native ad is an effective tool most major brand uses because it is a vital equipment of every marketer’s toolkit. According to researches, marketers spent a huge amount of money on programmatic, accounting for almost half of the display ads.

A programmatic native ad is sharper than saw. But, the big question is when should market use this tool? The more specific you can define your audience, the more targeted your message will appear.

This automation tool has potentials that don’t appear to be fully implemented. Programmatic native ads are used to generate huge conversions especially if you are looking to sell your products.

Here are the reasons why you should be using programmatic native ads

Programmatic Native in a Nutshell

Native ads are built from a number of metadata elements, such as a headline, thumbnail image, content URL, description text, and more.

With programmatic native advertising, a user visits a website, creating space for an ad impression. The Supply Side Platform (SSP) sends bid requests on behalf of the publisher.The Demand Side Platform (DSP) responds with metadata metrics and bids on behalf of the advertiser. Based on the metadata, the SSP selects the winning bid and instantly configures the native ad via templating design to fit into the website or app. This entire process occurs within a fraction of a second. With the programmatic platform, native advertising can achieve a far more targeted response for each user in real time, which translates to increased engagement and higher conversions.

What does Native Advertising look like?

Traditional or Programmatic Buying Channels

It is an effective tool to drive traffic


The objective of a well implemented native ad is to expose users to content that will attract their attention. This tool is amazing for both prospecting audiences and promoting content. Programmatic ads also build a solid relationship between your targeted audience and your brand. This tool will aid you to engage your audience. Instead of just driving traffic to a product page, fully engaging your audience tends to build a huge positive impact on your branding.

Programmatic native ads are more cost-effective


Using programmatic native ads means you are entitled to the numerous benefits of programmatic display like automated media buying, effective targeting and audience insights for further optimization. According to research, users tend to click more on native ads than they will on all other banners.

From a reasonable point of view, using automation tool like programmatic native ad control costs because advertisers are responsible only for the audience they want to reach. Just as important, campaigns can be altered on the fly, so targeting improves over time.

Native ads are a nicer experience for the user

These programmatic tools are said to have a nicer experience for the user because they blend with the surrounding content. They are pretty much adaptable to their environment which makes them look less disruptive than display ads. This above-mentioned characteristic makes marketers get double the visual focus of banner ads.

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