LinkedIn Text Ads

Drive new customers to your business – on a budget that works for you – with our easy, self-service pay per click (PPC) advertising platform.

Easily create and launch your own well-targeted, customized campaigns in minutes—on a budget that works for you

What you can do with Text Ads:

As a reminder, LinkedIn text ads appear only on LinkedIn and are used mainly by B2B marketers to target specific audiences.

They work in a similar way to Google Search Network ads. You create your ad text, then set your daily budget and maximum cost per click using LinkedIn’s campaign manager.

Text Ads are simple ads served on the right-hand side or top of the LinkedIn desktop feed. Create PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per impression) bids to control spend your way. Use these tips to maximize results with this versatile ad format.

Many marketers struggle to generate quality leads with limited resources

For lead generation marketers, lead quality is often the single most important factor in determining the success of an ad campaign. Unfortunately, the ability to efficiently reach target audiences at scale can be a challenge—especially with limited time, resources, and budget.


of marketers say increasing lead generation is the most important goal of digital marketing

LinkedIn Text Ads are the fastest way to get your business in front of the world’s largest professional network

LinkedIn Text Ads are intuitive, self-service ad formats that enable you to easily create, manage, and optimize customized campaigns in a matter of minutes. With Text Ads, you can target a premium professional audience and drive high-quality leads to your business—all on a budget that works for you.

 Fine-tune your target audience based on location, demographics, skills, interests, and more to achieve the right mix of volume and precision.
 Gain meaningful insights into your campaign and creative performance with powerful audience segmentation analytics and social engagement measurement tools.
 Intelligently optimize your budgets, bids, and creative to achieve your branding and customer acquisition objectives.

Why LinkedIn Text Ads?

 Reach the right audience: Get your ads in front of the people that matter most using a wide range of professional targeting options.
 Generate quality traffic and leads: Reach a premium audience of decision-makers and influencers and drive them directly to your website or landing pages.
 Get started right away: Easily create and launch welltargeted campaigns with custom creative in just minutes.


of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn

What Our Clients Say

“We knew we needed to reach the niche audience that supports the oilfield services industry. LinkedIn’s ability to hyper-target this specific segment and find key people in the industry was a huge draw for us.”

Nicole Baron, Marketing Manager, VistaVu Solutions

Ways to use Text Ads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Text Ads are the next generation of our Sponsored Content products that help marketers engage business decision-makers on LinkedIn’s mobile and desktop news feed.

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