LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads on LinkedIn allow you to engage prospects with right-rail ads automatically personalized for each individual based on their profile. Spotlight ads: share thought leadership, best practices, insights, and valuable content with your target audience.

Draw in your audience and build relationships with your prospects with personalized Dynamic Ads throughout the LinkedIn desktop experience. Use one of our pre-built templates to build your creatives. Because each ad automatically populates with each individual’s profile data, you can scale your campaigns quickly.

Run Dynamic Ads to drive results throughout the funnel. You can customize your Dynamic Ad campaigns to boost awareness, engagement and conversions.

Versatility means more ways to achieve your business goals. When you build a Dynamic Ad, you have multiple formats to choose from.

To build brand awareness, use follower ads to promote your LinkedIn Page to seamlessly acquire followers. To drive conversions, use spotlight ads to showcase your product, service, event, and more to increase traffic to your website or landing page. To generate leads, use content ads to feature your piece of content to instantly capture leads when it’s downloaded.

You’ll be able to view reporting directly in Campaign Manager, the advertising platform on LinkedIn, to see the results of your Dynamic Ads campaigns.

To view reporting, go to the Performance tab in Campaign Manager. You can also export and download your campaign metrics.
•  For follower ads, check the reporting to see a breakdown of new followers gained by campaign.
•  For spotlight ads, utilize third party impression tracking powered by Doubleclick to monitor how your ad is being seen.

To measure lower funnel success of a Dynamic Ad overall, use LinkedIn’s Conversion Tracking tool. This will enable you to measure the number of leads and other valuable actions that your ads generate.

What Our Clients Say

"By showing targeted user profiles next to our brand, Dynamic Ads allow us to send highly-targeted messages, introducing and familiarising our business with our audience. This has resulted in higher engagement and an increase in conversion rates."

Tom Metcalfe, Senior Lead Gen Executive, Touch Networks

"Our need for brand awareness in each region was imperative. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads were a great way to quickly create personalized follower ads targeting the exact audience we are looking to attract. I definitely plan to continue implementing these ads as we expand globally."

Heather Barnhart, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Procore Technologies

"Expanding our LinkedIn advertising to Dynamic Ads has allowed us to substantially expand our audience reach. Dynamic Ads have allowed us to increase our lead pool by 25% while costs are 24% more efficient than previous efforts."

Carolanne Hornung, Account Manager, 3Q Digital, on behalf of Vistage

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