Instagram Ads

With over 2 million monthly advertisers, more businesses are realizing how effective Instagram advertising can be!

Whether you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, make sales, or drive more traffic to your website, a creative and well-targeted Instagram ad campaign can drive great results.

In our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Advertising, we cover everything you need to create, launch, and measure the success of your first Instagram ad campaign!

Why You Should Advertise on Instagram ?

The number of monthly active users (MAUs) on Instagram has skyrocketed in recent years, and there’s a good chance your target customers are on there too!

Younger audiences in the 18-29 range are particularly well-established on Instagram. And given their willingness to shop online, tapping into this demographic via high-quality, targeted ads could result in a huge number of sales for your business.

Of course, that’s not to say that Instagram advertising is only effective for ecommerce! Businesses in all kinds of verticals can benefit from creating and sharing high-quality Instagram ads — everything from software brands to non-profits.

Getting started is quick and easy.

Instagram uses the same powerful advertising tools as Facebook. This way, you can set up, run and track campaigns in the same way as for Facebook ads. If you’re new to advertising on Instagram or even Facebook, here’s how to get started.

Making Ads On and For Instagram

Instagram is arguably the most used digital and social media platform on the planet today. Any and every brand is present on it, and millions of active users are being exposed to fresh content on a daily basis. It’s the absolute perfect opportunity for new and existing brands to make use of the various tools available on the platform to create stunning and effective adverts.

Types of Instagram ads

It’s important to understand the different Facebook ad types and targeting options before you dive in if you want to get the best results.

What Our Clients Say

At Qantas, we’re constantly innovating to tell our brand story in new, creative ways on mobile. Instagram was a natural fit to launch the first brand campaign for AWOL because it resonates with the millennial audience and allows us to tell really impactful visual stories that move brand metrics.

Clarabella Burley, Digital Communications Manager, Qantas

It’s a powerful tool to display what we’re all about and how customers live that lifestyle. Instagram is invaluable – if you want to get more customers, you want more engagement or you want more conversions.

Sven Alwerud, Founder and CEO, jellyskateboards

When we thought about introducing the campaign today, we thought about what mediums to leverage. Instagram was the perfect solution because the campaign is highly visual.

Jeff Miller, Director Of Digital Strategy, Gatorade

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