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While most organizations are aware of the Google marketing stack, many only utilize one or two of its products. While using a single Google product can provide extensive insights, businesses should consider utilizing multiple Google Marketing Platform products. The GMP, as it is commonly abbreviated, allows businesses to round out key objectives and obtain a full view of their customers.

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a unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.

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Make deeper customer connections to drive better marketing results with a complete set of advertising and analytics solutions.

Search Ads 360

Web searches happen on a number of different platforms, including: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. Wouldn’t it be nice to manage all keywords and campaigns from one platform? Search Ads 360 (commonly referred to as SA 360) can help you do just that. With SA 360, businesses can connect their various search engines in one platform. Not only will this save time, but it also optimizes audience targeting, ad creation, and reporting.

Key Benefits: Multiple search engines in one platform, saving time and money.

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Display and Video 360

Display and Video 360 (often referenced as DV 360) allows marketers to access all major exchanges through one interface. No more shuffling between platforms to create an optimal display campaign: DV 360 offers ad formats such as banners, native, in-app, in-video, gmail, and more.

Key Benefits: First-party audience creation and single platform with a variety of display and bidding options.

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Campaign Manager

Businesses utilize a number of different platforms to drive traffic to their website. All those platforms offer reporting and campaign measurement, but comparing cross-platform data can become a manual process. Google’s Campaign Manager platform allows campaigns, creatives, and reporting from multiple platforms in one location.

Key Benefits: One location for all advertising metrics and time savings for launching campaigns.

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Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics and Analytics 360 (the enterprise-level version of Google Analytics) allow businesses to better understand how users are interacting with their website and other marketing activities. This platform acts as a central point for most of a company’s data.

Key Benefits: Multiple website metrics reported in one interface; develops audiences based on website interactions that can be shared to advertising platforms.

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Google Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager is a tagging platform where businesses can update tracking events and pixels without adding them to the website source code. Using Google Tag Manager requires little to no coding experience and helps minimize overall development and deployment costs. In addition, less code firing through the source code helps ensure the page has a quicker page load time.

Key Benefits: Tag firing rules, sequences, and tag templates for easy configuration.

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Google Optimize 360

Does applying a promo code in the checkout automatically increase the average order value? Will updating the “Review Order” button color impact the overall conversion rate? Google Optimize can help test a marketing hypothesis and compare the results to key business performance indicators. Optimize also offers a click-and-drag user interface that does not require coding experience, as well as the ability to adjust HTML and CSS when it’s needed; it’s a perfect balance of code and no-code.

Key Benefits: Simple user interface for those with no code experience and it fully integrates with Google Analytics for advanced reporting.

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Google Surveys 360

Understanding your website visitors isn’t always easy. Google Surveys allows businesses to ask their customers the questions that matter most. Utilizing Google Surveys is firsthand market research without the waited time.

Key Benefits: Quick configuration and the ability to target specific user groups.

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Data Studio

Metrics are great, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it’s top monthly traffic sources, overall website sales, or how paid ads compare to organic searches, Data Studio is designed to help your team tell a story.

Key Benefits: Visualize data trends and monthly reports.

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Google BigQuery is a serverless cloud storage solution⁠—basically it’s designed to hold a lot of data. BigQuery is important for many companies because it allows multiple data sources to be stored and connected for future analysis. A key benefit of storing data in BigQuery is the ability to connect to other cloud-based tools, such as Google Cloud Machine Learning.

Key Benefits: Store large amounts of data to be used with other platforms or future data science projects.

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