Branding Process

Your brand can be summed up by how your customers perceive you as a company, product, or service. Your brand strategy should therefore guide every way in which you communicate and interact with your customers.

NOVA DIGITAL is the branding process

What is the branding process?

The branding process is the systematic approach used to create, communicate and strengthen a firm’s brand. It consists of a number of sequential steps. These steps may vary depending on who is implementing the process and the specific outcomes the firm is trying to achieve.

For example, a design-oriented firm may focus on the design of a logo and other materials used to communicate the brand (brand identity). A promotion-oriented firm, on the other hand, may emphasize increasing the visibility of the brand (brand building).

Usually, the best results are achieved by taking a balanced approach that devotes sufficient attention to each phase of the process.

When the branding process is applied to an existing firm it is often referred to as rebranding. Brand development is another term sometimes used to describe the branding process.

When do you need the branding process?

Not all brand-related marketing efforts require a full branding process. For example, when a firm updates the look of its marketing materials — without changing its market positioning — that is unlikely to require a full branding treatment. Since only the visual aspect of the brand will be revised, the firm doesn’t necessarily need to revisit the foundational strategy behind its brand.

Common situations that do require the full branding process include:

  • Repositioning a firm to compete with a new set of competitors
  • The merger of two firms with different brands
  • The launch of a new firm
  • A major change in strategy or direction
  • The emergence of a new competitive advantage
  • The addition or loss of a high visibility expert
  • The launch of a significant new service line
  • The “commoditization” of existing services

Great brands demand great design. It differentiates you visually and establishes instant credibility.

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