Apple Search Ads

Running Discovery Campaigns is extremely important for a successful Apple Search Ads strategy.

What is Apple Search Ads?

An efficient and easy way to increase the discoverability of your app, Apple Search Ads can put apps at the top of App Store search results on iPhone and iPad.

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A good Apple Search Ads keywords should have:

  • High Search Volume: If a keyword is being searched a lot, logically, you will get more installs, taps, impressions. Even if your TTR, CR doesn’t improve, you will have a bigger scale to make up to that.
  • Low CPA: CPA is the average amount you are paying to get an install on Search Ads. Naturally, having the lowest possible cost per install is the only going to be good.
  • High Relevance: When giving impressions to apps, Apple doesn’t solely rely on the max. CPT bid. It also favors apps that are relevant to the keyword. We don’t know the exact algorithm but it’s always going to be beneficial to run ads on keywords related to your niche.

Reach your audience with AI-powered targeting and focus on areas that matter most to you.

We manage your bidding around the clock to show your ads to the right people at the right moment.

Show ads to people looking for your business anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Stay always in control and set the advertising budget you feel happy and safe with.

Reach the right people

Connect with more potential customers with our optimization options like keywords, demographics, location, and remarketing. Encourage people to notice your brand, consider your products, and take action.

Drive app discovery.

Reach engaged users at the exact moment they’re searching for your app.


App Store visitors who use search to find apps.


Downloads that occur directly after a search on the App Store.


Apple Search Ads’ average conversion rate.

What Our Clients Say

We constantly use Mobile Action to better understand and develop our status on the App Stores. What we like best about Mobile Action is their willingness to understand our unique needs and promptly build a great solution, they are truly great partners.

Sagi Dekel, Marketing Expert, Playtika

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